Aluminum Laser Cutting
Job Works in Chennai
Aluminum Laser Cutting
Job Works in Chennai

Aluminum Laser Cutting Job Works in Chennai

Royal Tech Engineering is one of the reputed manufacturer and aluminum laser cutting job works best in Chennai surroundings. We have the resources, the capabilities, and the expertise to provide you with perfect and punctual finished products. Place your order on our broad shoulders & put your pressures at ease. Contact us: 9840950399.

Lasers provide little distortion and minimize secondary machining – smooth edges and minimal to no Dross or Burrs. Parts fall out clean and ready for shipment.

Our new Bystronic Laser is adds a second high production laser to our facility – with automation provided by the sheet shuffler.


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Melt and Blow

Once a penetration hole is made or the cut is started from the edge, then, a sufficiently strong gas jet could blow the molten material out of the cut kerf  to prevent the temperature rise to the boiling point any further.  Cutting with inert gas jet requires only one tenth of the power required for vaporization. Note that the ratio latent heat of melting to vaporization is 1:20.

Capabilities of the Aluminum Laser cutting job works

Aluminum Laser cutting job works to our customers. Our large assortment of fabrication equipment and experienced work force affords us the capability to handle nearly any fabrication project so you can be sure that your project is in the right hands.

Process Characteristics

  • It is one of the faster cutting processes.
  • The work piece does not need clamping but work holding is advisable to avoid shifting with the table acceleration and for locating when using a CNC program
  • Tool wear is zero since the process is non contact cutting process.
  • Cuts can be made in any direction polarization may affect process efficiency
  • The noise level is low.
  • The process can be easily automated with good prospects for adaptive control in the future.
  • No expensive tooling changes are mainly “soft”. That is they are only programming changes. Thus the process is highly flexible.
  • Some materials can be stack cut, but there may be a problem with welding between layers.
  • Nearly all engineering materials can be cut. They can be friable, brittle, electric conductors or non conductors, hard or soft.

Aluminum Laser Cutting  

Laser cutting is able to cut faster and with a higher quality than competing processes:
  • Punch Aluminum Laser cutting
  • Plasma inhume Laser cutting
  • abrasive water jet Laser cutting
  • ultrasonic Aluminum Laser cutting
  • oxyflame, sawing and milling
  • Can be automated aluminum welding
  • 50% industrial lasers in Chennai are used for metal cutting

Process Response

  • The cut can have a very narrow kerfs width giving a substantial saving in material
  • The cut edges can be square and not rounded as with most hot jet processes or other thermal cutting techniques.
  • The cut edge can be smooth and clean. It is a finished cut, requiring no further cleaning or treatment.
  • The cut edge can be directly re-welded with little to no surface preparation.

Capabilities include:

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Fiber laser

In order to perform laser cutting, there are usually two different kinds of lasers: CO2 and fiber laser. They both guarantee very precise and clean cuts; however, when it comes to aluminum laser cutting, a fiber laser proves to be the best option.

Laser cutting is mainly a thermal process in which a focused laser beam is used to melt material in a localized area. A co-axial gas jet is used to eject the molten material and create kerfs. A continuous cut is produced by moving the laser beam or work piece under CNC control.

CNC Laser Cutting

  1. Total Piercing Time = Number of Pieces * Part Pierce Time.
  2. Total Cutting Time = (Inches of Cut / Part Cut Time) * 60.
  3. Run = 3600 / ((Total Pierce Time + Total Cutting Time) * Material Multiplier)
  4. Run Type = PCS/HR.
Aluminium Laser Cutting Service
Maximum cutting dimensions: 4000mm x 2000mm
Minimum cutting thickness: 0.5mm
Maximum cutting thickness (Laser): 12mm

Today, modern fiber lasers can cut mild steel up to a thickness of more than 25 mm, stainless steel up to 15 mm, aluminum up to 15 mm, brass up to 8 mm and copper up to 6 mm – and all this with very good quality.

Job work means undertaking any treatment or process by a person on goods belonging to another registered taxable person. The person who is treating or processing the goods belonging to other person is called ‘job worker’ and the person to whom the goods belongs is called ‘principal’.

Firstly, laser cutting is definitely the way to go when cutting aluminium. Its high speed combined with the right expertise makes a burr-free cutting process possible, as our partners have proven.

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